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There is a significant problem occurring in our families and therefore, amongst the entire human race. Kids are not using electronic media correctly, which means our children are being harmed. How do we collectively turn this around?

You will find products on this website designed specifically for parents to guide children in using electronic media safely and in healthy ways. These products include booklets: “52 Tips for Parents – Guide Your Child to Safe TV and Electronic Media” and a companion coloring booklet, “Color Your World.

Businesses and organizations can benefit and gain goodwill by offering these booklets to clients, customers, prospects, and patients. This further supports parents’ efforts in keeping kids safe.

The Problem

Children become disconnected from others when they watch too much television. This social separation can only increase when children spend additional time with all the other electronic media. For example, on an Oprah show a family was seen taking the challenge to give up their computer and television for a week –-just a week!

In this family, there was a 5-year-old boy who became mesmerized –-if not hypnotized—when playing video games. Plenty of times his mom walked into the room while he was playing a video game and found him completely oblivious to her presence. One day his parents told him there would be no computer and television for a week. This preschooler didn’t just cry about the news, but he actually wailed! Oprah, upon hearing this, said, “What are we doing to ourselves and more importantly to our children through video games and television?”

How do we turn this around?

As frightening as these problems are, there is still hope for those children who are already on a path of difficulties. They can be taught new habits and behaviors with your intervention. You can change how your children are using electronic media by becoming aware of the correct, and therefore healthy way, the media should be used.

These products will help you do this; they are a supportive resource to help families, individuals, businesses, organizations, and libraries now and in the future. Please return to this website to find new offerings and new discoveries to keep children safe and healthy while teaching them to love their life and the people in it.


Guide Your Child to Safe TV and Electronic Media: 52 Tips for Parents – is a how-to tips booklet with suggestions for parents of children from birth to adolescence.

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Color Your World – is a companion coloring booklet about keeping TV and Electronic Media safe for pre-school and primary grade children.

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Children learn best when they are having fun and feeling safe!