Promotional Products

Ideas to Start You Thinking

Some ideas (though far from exhaustive) to get you thinking about how YOU can best use these informational products to increase your leads, strengthen your brand and your bottom line:


  • Gift with Purchase, Registration, Membership Renewal, or Donation
  • Sponsored Gifts from Your Company to a Community Organization
  • Customer Give-aways when Launching a New Offer
  • New Parent Gifts from Medical Practice or Local Medical Center
  • Fundraiser for Community, Spiritual, or Educational Organization
  • Thank-you Gift for Opening Child’s Savings or Insurance Account from Financial Institutions
  • Educational Present for Subscribing to Your Mailing List

As a Promotional Foundation for:

  • Weekly and Monthly Promotional and Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Creating, awareness, interest, and leads
  • Professional Staff Development Programs for Educators
  • Nostalgic Celebrations for Mature Age Milestones
  • Restaurant’s Kid Menu Launch, Expansion, or Revision
  • Move to a New Community or New Location Announcement
  • Addition of a Younger Age Group to Your Products or Services

Because you know your professional activities better than anyone, you may identify other ways these products can serve you beyond those listed here. If it works for you, that’s what matters.

Let us know how we can help tailor our content to your needs.


The Inside Secrets of Sesame Street is for nostalgic generations of parents and their children who grew up with this beloved show. This is where it all started as Dr. Burbank based her book on interviews she had and on the lessons she learned while working there. One important lesson involved keeping kids safe, which lead to the creation of this tips booklet.


Guide Your Child to Safe TV and Electronic Media: 52 Tips for Parents – how-to tips booklet with suggestions for parents of children from birth to adolescence.



Guide Your Child to Safe TV and Electronic Media: 52 Tips for Parents – audio conversation based on the tips booklet con-tent.


Color Your World – companion coloring booklet about keeping TV and Electronic Media safe for pre-school and primary grade children.

“Thank you Dr. Burbank for sharing your booklets with me. Color Your World for the children is brilliant. It is a very good way to approach the children with constructive teaching through play! The 52 tips for parenting guide I will share with my children, and other grandparents. I am thankful and hopeful that the generations to come will not be addicted to media and TV.”

— Rose Ann, Parent

Tips Products International is an authorized representative of Dr. Lucille Burbank and

What’s Next

Here are your next steps (whether seasoned promotional products buyer or newcomer). Answering these in your mind first makes it easier to provide the excellent service you deserve.

  1. Notice which products caught your eye – instantly or when you looked again.
  2. Consider upcoming promotional campaigns that need more value added, and when.
  3. Realize that products in any format can be customized with almost whatever you want.
  4. Determine a ball-park number of people you want to reach with this product.
  5. Go to the “Request a Sample” link to enter your information.


Purchase Options

As mentioned, each product is available as a printed product, downloadable file (PDF for text products, MP3 for audio recording), and unformatted content.

Bulk sales are printed products sold and delivered to your shipping address at wholesale pricing. You may use your shipping account or be billed for shipping on the order’s invoice.  Pricing is based on individual order quantity, multiple products ordered together, delivery speed, delivery frequency, and scope of customization. Note: When printing is already a major function within your business or organization, you may find it more economical to discuss a licensing agreement that allows you to pay for rights to do the printing with your vendor.

Licenses are basically rental agreements to use the content of these products in various delivery formats, including using the content without formatting (sent as a Word document) in agreed-upon application(s) such as email drip campaign, blog posts,  radio advertising spots, product packaging, or other functions you suggest supporting your marketing and sales efforts.