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Electronic media (e.g. computers, tablets, smart phones, television) are regularly used for education, entertainment, and communication. These devices have simultaneously become both a valuable tool and a dangerous weapon especially when young children have not been taught how to use them for the safest and greatest good. It is the adults’ responsibility to guide in using electronic media safely and productively while at the same time teaching children to love all the many aspects of life.

This site introduces several products addressing the increasing need to balance the brilliance of electronic media with the already abundant array of life’s experiences. Because your business, organization, practice, or cause focuses on children in the birth-to-9 age range, these products can provide change and a highly relevant promotional tool. Those who receive your gift will appreciate your concern about safe media use and the information enhances their life.

These products are ideal for you to offer your consumers, members of your organization, schools, and medical practices. Each publication is available in print, downloadable, and “unformatted” content formats. You can vary the offerings throughout the year. People will eagerly anticipate the thoughtful gift you provide while serving them well. You will also find ideas to get you thinking about how these information products can increase your leads, strengthen your brand and your bottom line.


The Inside Secrets of Sesame Street is for nostalgic generations of parents and their children who grew up with this beloved show. This is where it all started as Dr. Burbank based her book on interviews she had and on the lessons she learned while working there. One important lesson involved keeping kids safe, which lead to the creation of this tips booklet.


Guide Your Child to Safe TV and Electronic Media: 52 Tips for Parents is an how-to tips booklet with suggestions for parents of children from birth to adolescence.


Guide Your Child to Safe TV and Electronic Media: 52 Tips for Parents is an audio conversation based on the tips booklet content.


Color Your World is a companion coloring booklet about keeping TV and Electronic Media safe for preschool and primary grade children.
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