About the Author

Dr. Lucille Burbank, an author, educational media consultant, mother, and grandmother, has worked behind the scenes of Sesame Street in their research division. One of her main tasks there was to meet with the head writer to make important changes in the scripts before production began. For research topics of a more serious nature, such as child abuse and fire safety, Burbank introduced qualitative evaluation and helped establish new standards by writing more detailed reports of these studies.

The recipient of a doctoral degree from Temple University, Dr. Burbank has worked in educational media and technology towards the advancement of education and special education. Receiving a scholarship while earning her doctorate, allowed her to conduct a much larger dissertational study on three prominent children’s television shows: Captain Kangaroo, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Sesame Street. From this study, she wrote her first book titled, Secrets from Sesame Street’s Pioneers: How They Produced a Successful Television Series, which is a reference book for graduate students and professionals in television. The Inside Secrets of Sesame Street is an elaborately designed version of the original book, intended for nostalgic generations who grew up with this beloved show.

Dr. Burbank has also written 52 Tips for Parents titled, Guide Your Child to Safe TV and Electronic Media. And because she knows how busy parents can be, Lucille, with Paulette Ensign of Tips Products International, recorded an audio version based on this guide. In addition, a coloring booklet for children, containing some of these safety tips was produced. It is called, Color Your World.

Dr. Lucille Burbank loves to share joy by reading books to second graders.