Dr. Lucille Burbank and TeachingKidsToLove.com joins Sesame Street in celebrating its 50th Anniversary!

Why Sesame Street?

This video is a great example of humor presenting important and lasting points. Sesame Workshop’s many resources and Dr. Lucille Burbank’s tips guide helps parents keep kids safe with electronic media. Each teach families to talk and share in safe, loving, and even fun ways, especially at meal time. It is difficult if not impossible for families to happily connect with each other when a smart phone or tablet shows up at meals.

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How do you start? You can begin now with these easy-to-use products.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY for Businesses, Organizations, Libraries and Individuals/Families.


The Inside Secrets of Sesame Street is for nostalgic generations of parents and their children who grew up with this beloved show. This is where it all started! (Library version also available.)


Guide Your Child to Safe TV and Electronic Media: 52 Tips for Parents is a how-to tips booklet with suggestions for parents of children from birth to adolescence.


Guide Your Child to Safe TV and Electronic Media: 52 Tips for Parents is an audio conversation based on the tips booklet content.


Color Your World is a companion coloring book about keeping TV and Electronic Media safe for pre-school and primary grade children.

Books, Tips Booklets, Audio CDs, and Coloring Books

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Plan Your:

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